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Start scuba diving and you will forever change the way you view the world. You will get to explore a peaceful underwater world filled with colorful marine life and breathtaking landscapes. It is an incredible lifelong adventure and anyone from age 10 can learn to dive, making this safe fun sport ideal for the whole family. Learning to dive is much easier than you think, and the globally recognized Open Water Diver program is the best way to learn.

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try scuba

2500 bth 1900 bth

The easiest way to get into the underwater world without any experience is only one afternoon and we will teach you how to dive and explore the best side of Koh Tao.

Book 1 day in advance and let us know where are you staying to request a pick up from your hotel.​

open water

11000 bth 8500 bth

If you want to dive anywhere you want, with anyone you want, join the Open Water Diver program. This is your international certification to become part of an exclusive group of underwater explorers that most people only dream about joining! Learning to dive is much easier than you think. Join the SSI Open Water Diver program now!

advance adventurer

10000 bth 8000 bth

If you are already a certified Open Water Diver then you are ready for the next step.

Become an Advanced Adventurer! Complete five adventure dives including Deep, Underwater Navigation and three more of your choice. Usually we recommend improving your buoyancy, our closely wreck dive and a night dive.

stress & rescue

14000 bth

Diver stress is a major cause of diving accidents, but it can easily be prevented and resolved. Join the SSI Diver Stress and Rescue Specialty program and learn how to help yourself and other divers stay safe.

dive master

35000 bth

The Dive Master program is the first step on an exciting journey. Learn to safely lead certified divers in various environments and conditions. By giving dive briefings, doing site evaluations, and leading dives, you will become a confident Dive Master in no time. Begin your diving career working as a Professional Dive Master.