Scuba Diving Courses – 100% Safe & Fun

Scuba Diving Courses - 100% Safe & Fun
Scuba Diving Courses – 100% Safe & Fun

Carabao Diving Resort has been open for more than 20 years and certified thousands of divers from all around the world. We teach all our courses with SSI and our main languages are English, French, German and Spanish. We also have an extensive divemaster program and a certification course for dive instructors.

We offer a very relaxed and safe experience for any kind of activity and course in the water, our instructors have been working for many years here in Koh Tao achieving amazing results and recognitions from SSI itself.

Scuba Diving Courses – 100% Safe & Fun

Open Water Course

The first step in your scuba diving education is the open water course. Learn the equipment and the procedures you need to know to scuba dive anywhere in the world! We offer flexible class schedules.

Advance Course

Improve your diving and experience more with an advanced adventurer certification. A deep dive certifies you down to 30 meters. You’ll also be certified to scuba dive at shipwreck site and at night after this course!

React Right Course

This first aid course takes one day to complete and is a prerequisite for the Stress & Rescue course. With this course you will learn to remain calm and act effectively in front of problems.

Stress & Rescue

Learn how to in front of a panic diver on the surface, find a lost diver, bring an unconscious diver to the surface and administer oxygen or even more simply, and tow a tired diver on the surface.


Scuba Diving Courses – 100% Safe & Fun

WATER CONDITIONS: the tropical temperature of the water and the stunning visibility all round the year  make your first underwater experience absolutely enjoyable and relaxed. Being in the Gulf of Thailand Koh Tao s conditions are guaranteed to be the best to learn and improve your diving skills in a total safe enviroment.

PRICE: Koh Tao it is the cheapest place in the world to dive and to get your certification. 11,000 Baht to achieve the first level including :

      • insurance
      • full equipment rental
      • dive computer
      • certification fee
      • boat trips
      • snacks and drinks on boat

LOCATION: Considered one of the top 10 island in the world, the landscape and the beaches on Koh Tao are absolutely stunning.

MARINE LIFE: Koh Tao offer a natural aquarium for both snorkellers and divers. The different species of colourful angelfish, butterflyfish, bannerfish and stingrays are abundant on reefs. Hard corals such as table coral, staghorn coral, mosaic and mushroom corals are predominant within this region of the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Tao provides the perfect opportunity for divers to observe the relationships that make up the marine ecosystem.

ECO FRIENDLY: Koh Tao since many years said “NO” to plastic and plastic bags. Many clean up dives and beach clean ups are organized everyday by almost all the dive schools on the island.

MORE THAN 25 DIVE SITES: Incredible variety and diversity of dive points is what make Koh Tao on the Top 10 place to dive in the world. With more then 25 dives, the conformation of rocks underwater is spectacular allowing divers with any level of experience to enjoy hard and soft corals, shallow and deeper reefs, pinnacles, caves and more


Try scuba diving

Want to try scuba diving before you commit to a dive course? Get out in the open water today with a certified dive instructor. We’ll take care of everything else while you develop an addiction to diving.

Go on fun dives

Talk to our diving experts and pick the sites you especially want to visit.  Equipment, insurance and a diver master are all at your disposal, so you can focus on enjoying Koh Tao. Ask us about the different dive packages we offer.


We love scuba diving, but maybe you aren’t quite there yet or you want something more relaxed. There are also snorkeling adventures available so you can still experience everything there is to see around Koh Tao.

Why to Dive, Stay and Eat with Carabao

We are located in the south of Koh Tao, with a beautiful sunset and stunning view from Chalok Bay. The Resort provides a relaxed place to sleep, bike rentals, kayaks, laundry service, ferry and bus tickets, a restaurant and–of course–scuba diving! Our resume aside, Carabao celebrates a relaxed atmosphere with great people always at hand. So many of our guests and students return season after season to revisit “the chill” in Chalok Bay. There really is no place like it in the world.

Contact Us with Questions, Wishes and Dreams

We are here to answer your questions about scuba diving, getting to Koh Tao and how to enjoy your time here. Even if you decide not to stay or dive with us, we still want to make sure you have all the information you need to fall in love with the island like we have.