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Tom claims he has been on Koh Tao for 22 years, but secretly we all know he has been here a lot longer. Since 2016 Tom is part of our dive team, so you usually find him somewhere underwater - or around the shop on his day off. Rumor has it Tom used to be afraid of sharks and that is the reason why he initially started diving (weird, we know) - but ever since Tom overcame this irrational fear he loves diving and wants to share this passion with all his students.



Our French instructor Xavier has been a team member since 2013. He would probably never admit it, but he is a workaholic and loves to spend his days in the water, teaching all courses from Try Diving to Divemaster level. Unfortunately he is completely hopeless when it comes to computers and administrative office work, but we forgive him, because his students simply love him. Xavier tries to convince us that he is not like a typical Frenchman, but in the evenings you can find him quite often down by the bar, enjoying a glass of pastis (or sometimes two).



Once you check in with CARABAO DIVING the first person you meet is probably P’Raj. She is responsible for the hotel and she is also the one who will take your money after your diving course! Whenever she can, she is trying to improve her French and her German and at the same time she is always happy to teach you some Thai in return. However, when P’Raj offers you to try some of her food it is always a 50:50 chance: you might taste the most delicious snack you will find in Thailand or it’s something really quirky like fried silk worms.




Without P’Nai we could all go home! He is the captain of our longtail boat and no matter if it is low tide or very wavy, but he is the one who makes sure we always get out to our boats safely. You will find out quickly that P’Nai is always up for a little joke, so on a good day he might even let you have a try at driving his longtail boat - and it’s a lot more difficult than it actually looks…


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