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React Right and Diver Stress and Rescue

Stress and Rescue diver/React Right – Become a life saver

Ask any experienced diver which was their favourite SCUBA course and they will all say the Stress and Rescue course.

In this two to three day course you will learn how to properly handle emergency situations before, during and after a scuba dive. You will be taught self help techniques, as well as techniques to help out a buddy in trouble. More importantly, you will learn how to prevent stressful situations that could eventually lead to critical and dangerous situations.

To become a Rescue Diver, you need to have good and up to date basic knowledge of appropriate first and second aid techniques.

We can offer the React Right course for those who don’t have a recent first aid certificate. During this course, our instructors will show you dive and non dive related first and second aid techniques. These techniques include CPR and Emergency oxygen administration.

Be a Pro

The Stress and Rescue Diver course and a valid React Right license (or any equivalent first and second aid license) are prerequisites for starting with your professional divemaster training.

This course is not just for those of you looking to become a dive professional. The Stress and Rescue Diver course is an important training to have and you can start straight after your Open Water Course. Helping you to become a safer diver, a better dive buddy and to give you better judgement of when to dive and when to call it a day.





  • Level: Advanced
  • Course Length: 2 Days
  • Prerequisites:
    Open Water Diver + min age 15 years old